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How to Stay Productive

This blog will address how we as a business, the Temple Terrace Law Group and as individuals stay productive. First, set goals! Not only do we set goals but we devise a plan. We set a timeline for achieving those goals to follow through executing them. Second, we try to be realistic in what we want to accomplish. If you set yourself with too many tasks you may get overwhelmed and quit before you begin. You can easily set goals for the day/week, like, “Today I’m going to read 30 pages in this book-by the week I’ll have it done”. It is easy to get distracted, especially with everything going on in the world. So when you find yourself being distracted, and/or unproductive, to ask yourself: What is the distraction? Is it your phone? Is it your family? Is it the TV? Do you need to take a break or have coffee? Finally, reward yourself. Positive reinforcement is important when you accomplish a goal. Express yourself in a positive way, jump for joy or have your favorite dessert. You can condition yourself into being productive.

Blog by: Kimberly Pinder, Esq.

Kimberly is a Partner at the Temple Terrace Law Group. She practices Family Law, Probate/Estate Planning, and Business Planning.

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