Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Temple Terrace

Have you been hit by a driver while on foot? When in a crosswalk or sidewalk the pedestrian has the right of way.

It can be very overwhelming what to do first if you're hit.  However, your first steps right after the accident are important for obtaining the money for your recovery and the settlement that you deserve.  We recommend:

(1) If you're hurt don't move, it can make it worse;

(2) Ask someone to call 911 and send an ambulance right away to take you to the hospital.  Worry how to pay for it later.

(3) You should locate any witnesses, obtain their names and contact information, and find out if anyone recorded the accident or took additional photographs; and

(4) call the Temple Terrace Law Group, your local accident attorneys, so we can start handling matters for you.


Why choose us over a large firm?  To maximize your recovery, at the Temple Terrace Law Group we are very thorough in our investigations, we stay up to date with the newest changes in the legal field and industry, and regularly take courses taught by the Florida Justice Association and other credible sources for medical and legal insight.  You will be regularly updated on all aspects of your case.  If you need an aggressive personal injury lawyer look no further.

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