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Contract Lawyers in Temple Terrace

Whether you're an individual or a small business your local law firm is here to assist.  If you’re making a deal with anyone, even a partner or family member, it is probably in your best interest to memorialize it in writing.  If you let us be your contract attorneys, the Temple Terrace Law Group applies hundreds of years of case law to find out if a recovery is possible for you.  Even if you didn’t memorialize the agreement in writing, the contract may be implied-in-fact, implied-in-law, or one party may have detrimentally relied on it.  These are some of the more common legal remedies used to help you.  When litigating your contract dispute the methods we use vary depending who the parties are, and how to best handle the situation considering what is in dispute.


We additionally offer contract drafting services.  We will thoroughly go through with you everything that you want to accomplish through the other party signing it, and additionally suggest other scenarios that may arise that you will want covered in it as well.  Often times for simple contracts we can complete the job charging only one reasonable flat-rate fee.  Don't over pay for a contract lawyer.  Instead contact us today!

Office Phone: 813-988-9898

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