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Negligent Security Lawyers in Temple Terrace

Have you been the victim of a traumatic experience or injury due to the failure of security that you were owed?  Let us seek justice for you, and help you get the compensation that you deserve.  


If you have been robbed leaving a store, assaulted in a gated community, or a variety of scenarios in which you felt you should be protected but weren't, there's recourse for you. 


Examples of negligent security include:

  • No security when the business owner knows there are risks of attacks,

  • Past attacks on the property, and no recourse was taken to make the property safer

  • Poor or damaged lighting

  • Unlocked or broken gates or doors

  • Negligently trained security guards

  • Security guards not making rounds to secure the area


Why choose us over a large firm?  To maximize your recovery, at the Temple Terrace Law Group we are very thorough in our investigations, we stay up to date with the newest changes in the legal field and industry, and regularly take courses taught by the Florida Justice Association and other credible sources for medical and legal insight.  You will be regularly updated on all aspects of your case.  If you need an aggressive personal injury lawyer look no further.

Office Phone: 813-988-9898

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