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Lawyers in Temple Terrace

Preserving the best interests of children is vital to custody and timesharing issues. Whether you are separated, divorced, or never married, contact us for effective representation of the interests of both you and your child. A parenting plan is a child custody plan developed and agreed upon by parents of a minor child and approved by the court. Parenting plans are required in timesharing cases with minor children. At the Temple Terrace Law Group, you can receive assistance in creating or modifying a parenting plan that considers your schedule and financial circumstances, the relationship between you and your co-parent, and your child’s educational and medical needs. We understand that every family’s situation and needs are different, thus we are prepared to negotiate agreements out of court via alternative methods such as mediation or to litigate your case in court depending on the needs of you and your child.

Office Phone: 813-988-9898

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