Hurricane Ian Lawyers in Temple Terrace

Has your property been damaged as a result of a Hurricane Ian, weather, theft, or another disaster?  Is your insurance company denying your claim for a new roof or repairs, or alternatively making it too confusing to file your claim?  You may be left with no choice but to sue your own home owners insurance company or commercial property insurance company to cover the damages.

When Hurricane Ian struck the region its 150-mile-per-hour winds and extreme storm surge smashed hundreds of buildings to bitsflooded houses, and tossed around boats and mobile homes. Cities including Fort Myers and Port Charlotte were destroyed in a matter of hours.  Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Lakeland, Temple Terrace, and other surrounding areas were damaged as well as a result.

You should not be forced to pay for damage to your property out of pocket that resulted from a loss that's covered in your policy, which you have paid for.  Let us send experienced experts to your property to help determine the damage, and we will assess your policy.  We will litigate as necessary.

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