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COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims

Has your Commercial Insurance Company denied you coverage due to your Covid-19 business interruption?  Or have they instead short-changed you in the compensation that you are guaranteed?  If so we may be able to help. 


Repeatedly in commercial insurance policies provisions are inserted that are left ambiguous in terms of what is excluded as a business interruption.  Other times your insurance providers will have listed specific instances in which business interruption coverage is excluded from your policy.  At this point none of them list Covid-19.  The Courts in Florida have also set very little precedent in terms of what provisions qualify as blanket exclusions, whether Covid-19 is an Act of God, whether it is direct physical loss or damage, if it is a pollutant and more. 


At the Temple Terrace Law Group we would be honored to take a free look at your commercial insurance policy, if it contains business interruption coverage, and use legal action for you to receive the recovery from your policy that you paid for and deserve.

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